Saturday, June 25, 2011


Like any blossoming or thriving city, Omaha has a myriad of resources dedicated to informing its public of local events and goings-on. One of our go-to sources is OMAHYPE. It is exclusively online and it specializes in telling us about interesting events around Omaha, including films, concerts, art shows, and performances. There are also stories and reviews of local eateries.

Two Birds Bakery is fortunate to have a wonderful friend/pleased customer who also writes for OMAHYPE. She asked us last month if she could interview us for an article in the 'YUM!' section of the website. And last week the Two Birds Bakery article was published! Thank you April! The article gives you some information about us, where we came from, how we got started, and or future hopes and plans for the bakery. Check it out here... YUM: Two Birds Bakery


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