Friday, November 1, 2013

The Goddess Muffin

I would like to introduce our newest muffin. This is the Gluten-Free Goddess Muffin. We were inspired to develop the recipe by Omaha Integrative Care. Dietician Lindsay Martian visited us several weeks ago with the idea that we could make a "fertility muffin", that is, a muffin that has ingredients that promote fertility. Key ingredients include sweet potato, chia seeds, natural sweeteners, full-fat dairy, cinnamon, and gluten-free flours. Voila!

We use organic sweet potato puree, grade B maple syrup, whole milk from Prairieland Dairy, butter (local when available), cinnamon, our own gluten-free flour mix, and top it with chia seeds. 

This muffin is full of goodness. It is the food of goddesses as well as man, woman and child. Although it was developed as to promote fertility, it is also just plain tasty and good for you. Gentlemen, please don't shy away!

Look at these Goddess Muffins peeking over their sign!