Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sunday Egg

Sundays are set apart for me; a day of a special breakfast and ritualistic reading of the New York Times.  (Business section first, Sports section never, and Magazine last)  Being a recovering Catholic, it's not surprising that I spend my Sundays communing with food and the written word.  

Rarely do I waver from my Sunday breakfast of choice, thus maintaining the ceremonial nature of the weekend's end.  Kale with lemon juice, scrambled local eggs with a dollop of yogurt, and a cup of coffee is Sunday breakfast, and sometimes a Curry of Kali muffin for dessert.
During my last year as a vegan, scrambled eggs would pop up randomly in my dreamscape and leave me hungry in the morning.  I guess the egg symbology could have been interpreted myriad ways, but I chose the literal route, rather than considering my ovaries or regeneration.  While I added eggs to my diet about two years ago, I only eat local eggs, and only eat them in a singularly pure state, such as scrambled or hard boiled, to assure that I'm witness to the peculiar nature of what it is unrealized potential.  

Common Good Farm near Raymond, Nebraska, where the chickens are pastured on biodynamic fields, is my source for Sunday scrambled eggs.  

Yogurt, of the non-fat-organic-hormone-free variety, was reintroduced to my diet at the same time eggs made their reappearance.  A big, spoonful of yogurt adorns any eggs I scramble, yet I've recently been made aware by house guests and friends that yogurt on eggs isn't a given.  (No one likes when I toss a handful of fresh peas into eggs scrambled in spring either)  The cool temperature and tart flavor of yogurt combined with the sulfuric warmth of an egg creates a grand companionship in my mouth.  Go ahead, mix textures - dare yourself to smother the egg of a chicken in the milk of a cow, or goat.  But don't think on it too long as the image lends itself to a nature too graphic for a Sunday morning. 

I only eat eggs on Sundays, though kale is cooked, on average, five times a week.  I've considered figuring out a way to include kale in a muffin recipe - maybe a savory muffin with a kale chip topping! - but I would surely eat the profits as kale is one of the few foods that I covet, and will "share" unequally. 

My Sunday morning has been spent, and the reel mower is waiting for a workout.  How do you celebrate Sundays?

~ Trilety


  1. We start by having sex, making love, and romping in bed...then we make breakfast!

  2. lol and cheers to Barbi!!
    I rarely have ritualistic ways, so Sundays don't necessarily guarantee a particular rhythm. Josh, however, will definitely make a complex omelet, so my Sunday tend to see my wavering back and forth between being healthy and giving in to a cheesy, bacony egg dish...sans yogurt. :)

  3. You live with such intention, Trilety. It's very admirable. I don't have such Sunday rituals myself. I've never thought to eat kale for breakfast, but I sure have been craving it like mad lately. Sounds like I had better get my own though!