Monday, July 4, 2011

Bird on Vacation

It's my fourteenth, and last day in Seattle.  A firework show is sure to entertain over Lake Union with the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop.  Only a bit of my trip has been devoted to baking, so here's a quick picture tour for those of you who have yet to visit this amazing city. 

Clouds made of the sea, and pink with insulation hues, greeted me on my first morning in Seattle. <left>

Elisabeth was an art fair vendor at the Redmond Town Center Sidewalk Sale & Art Fair, so the first four days of my trip was spent in the safe and clean city of Redmond, Washington where the leaves appear lacquered in an attempt to repel dust. <right - check out her site by clicking on her name to enter into a giveaway>

While I didn't do much baking, I did voyeuristically watch others bake.  If you walk by Le Fournil in the morning, you can see aesthetically pleasing men rolling dough and stacking skin-thin layers of ham onto sticky croissant squares. <left>

For two years, Elisabeth and I have talked about going on the Theo Chocolate tour in the Fremont neighborhood.  We finally took the tour and sampled myriad flavors of chocolate and confections.  But the best part of the tour; the attire!

Another tour I recommend is the Underground Tour which I enjoyed with Julie.  We also took a trek through the Sweater Tree Forest.

But the best tours, are ones given by dear friends.  Without rain, Regis took us on a tour of the details and design of downtown Seattle.  We touched terracotta and rode an elevator, complete with operator, to the top of Smith Tower where Mt. Rainier showed itself off like a woman usually kept behind a curtain. 

The one day I baked was devoted to a sugar-reduction experiment.  Three batches of vegan-flourless-peanut-butter-chocolate-chip-cookies with three separate amounts of sugar were baked and the least amount won out!

Since arriving in Seattle, I've eaten Thai food and street food, but my favorite way of consuming calories is to watch other people eat.  Confession, Richard wasn't the only one to consume a veggie-chipolte-dog with a "squirt" of cream cheese.  

While this bird was in Seattle, the other Bird was in California, so I can't wait to hear about her trip.  And for those of you who prefer mental meanderings about baking rather than traveling, stay tuned as we always have batter filled dreams to share about our future!

~ Trilety

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  1. Looks like a good time was had, lets have a baking party now that you're back!