Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Slow Reveal

After the drywall went up, we started to see some of the fun aesthetics that will adorn our new space.

Tiles went up in the sink area and in the bathroom...

 We fought hard for this unisex bathroom, which means that Trilety, Barbi, myself, and our architects sat in front of the Omaha Plumbing Board to state our case for having one restroom instead of two.

Subway tile! This is the mop sink and 3-basin sink area.

Our huge mother of a hood was installed...

Huge! This is required above our convection oven and range.

Trilety and I planted...

We picked roses, lilac, day lilies, lavender and a blueberry bush!

And the barn wood, which we've talked to admittedly about, was installed on the north wall.

Thank you Jeff Chase for the installation, thank you Barbi for the barn wood, and thank you Jil Bunnimit for the cool idea! 

Needless to say (I hope), we are excited! Construction will officially be done in a few more weeks and we should be ready to open in late July or early August. Wow, we can't wait to have you over!

We update the blog every couple weeks so check back on us soon!


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