Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Windows & Walls

If eyes are windows to the soul, then windows should be wide open eyes.  And our little bakery may be all seeing, because in an effort to maximize natural light our design incorporates both exterior and interior windows.

Here's a partial view of the east facing exterior windows (photo was taken a few months ago at the start of the remodel.)

This wall of windows is original to the existing structure. 

We will have an interior window, that allows for both natural light and a clear line of sight, between our office and the kitchen. Here's a view of the door opening to our office (right), and the unfinished interior window opening (left), looking west from the future kitchen space into our office.

We will also have three windows above our three compartment sink that look into the side hallway that leads to the bathroom. 

This is where our sink will be! 
This view will be looking over the sink, through the windows to the hallway

This view is looking in those same windows from the hallway!

We're busy birds these days, but our facebook and twitter accounts should be live in June, our website live in July, and our equipment is scheduled to be installed the middle of June. . . .we're almost there and we thank our family and friends for the support along the way!

~ Trilety

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