Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dissection of a Photo

It'd be easy to confuse this blog for a construction blog and not a bakery blog at this point, but a remodel is necessary to create a bakery that is up to snuff (or code rather.) 

Here's a photo I took at our Progress Meeting yesterday, let's dissect it to see where we're at in the construction proces. . . .

1. Megan: That's Megan in the middle with the peach, ruffled shirt! She's pleased about our wood table (not pictured) and all the natural light.

2. Bakery case (to the right of Megan): That's our bakery case! It arrived with a dent, so now we are learning about insurance claims.

3. Trash Can (to the left of Megan): This trash can indicates that we are not yet open for business and work is still busily being done on our beloved little bakery.

4. Floor: The bamboo floor was finally installed! Now you'll be able to enter on a lovely, sustainable floor when you visit these two birds.

5. Barn Wood (on the wall): You've seen pictures of Jeff's awesome installation of Barbi's well aged barn wood before, but it's too beautiful not to highlight again.

6. Round Pendant Lamp: The lights are installed! These orb lamps provide an amazing amount of light to the bakery which will make for a most pleasant atmosphere.

7. Transom & Awning: Our new transom is being installed above our new commercial door, and you can see just a peek of our new burgundy colored awning.

8. Guy in the Red Shirt: He was a happy guy installing the transom. We like happy people!

Wow, a lot can be gleaned from a single photo. Thanks for visiting our blog; we can't wait for you to visit us at the bakery!

~ Trilety

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