Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finishing Construction...

And moving on with stocking and organizing the bakery. 

Over the past week, we purchased bowls, whisks, scrapers, towels, dish soap, sanitizer, mops and buckets, brooms and dustpans. There have been many little errands here and there, just like moving into a new home, but with bigger ovens, a urinal, and a Big Bertha sink that you could take a bath in... not that we would. Haha!

Amongst the practicalities and necessities, we are really excited to decorate and make the place our own, to give it our own special touch. I love the idea of plants in there for example, a nice contrast to the industrial metal of the kitchen.

As a bakery-warming gift, Barbi gave us two happy dancing penguin figures; two birds for Two Birds. These little guys are also a great contrast. Oh my gosh they are so happy!


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