Monday, January 28, 2013

A Sneak Peek. . . .

In the last post, Megan gave a sneak peek of the barn wood that will be installed in the bakery. Since then, we've continued to make design choices. Take a look through the knot in the wood to see some of our decisions. . . . 

The style of your clothes says a lot about you. Style is a way to use your body as a palette for blending your creative tastes. The design process of the bakery is a lot like choosing a great outfit. . . . but an outfit that you'll wear for years, not hours. So for months, a group of us (me, Megan, Barbi, and the BVH team of Tom Miller, Nate Adams, and Jeff Davis) have been standing in front of the metaphorical closet trying to choose an outfit. The decisions have finally been finalized, and we're giving you a sneak peek at our wardrobe!

The durable kitchen floors will be a shade called Caribbean:

The floors in the public space will be bamboo, here's a link to the color we chose (it's called wheat, which is appropriate for a bakery!)

The tile in the kitchen will be 4x8-inch ice white glossy porcelain tile, and the bathroom tile will be 2x2-inch hexagonal tile in this lovely shade of ocean blue:
Color above, and Shape Below

We chose pendant style lights with a globe fixture that is similar, but not exact, to the photo below (we are super excited for these!)

Each day, we are coming closer and closer to starting the physical remodel of the bakery. We are a few weeks out from receiving final bids and scheduling the construction start date. . . . which means you are all much closer to the day you'll be able to stop in and enjoy our baked goods!

What's your style?

~ Trilety

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