Monday, January 14, 2013

Barn Wood Day

We're on our way to a brick and mortar kitchen. Our hope is that the renovation work will start within the next few months. In the meantime we are wrapping up the design work with our architects; making the final decisions about textures, textiles, finishes and fixtures. Fun! One element we've wanted to incorporate from the start of the design process is repurposed barn wood.

A fantastic designer friend of mine, Jil Bunnimit, showed me an image of a staggered wood treatment and thought it would be interesting to consider that for our bakery in some way. At the same time, Trilety's mom and our honorary third bird, Barbi, has two barns that are ready to be felled. And bingo! These birds will have a barn wood wall treatment in their bakery. Below is the design inspiration photo. The wood in our wall treatment will remain raw and rustic rather than painted.

wood treatment inspiration

A few months ago, in November, we (Trilety, Barbi and me) got out our crowbars and hammers and ripped up the side of Barbi's barn. Hard work and so much fun! Barbi bought new tools for this project. I felt so cool with my yellow crowbar!

on location

a pile of barn wood!
Trilety and Barbi
Meg and Trilety
We made a good dent that day but still have a ways to go in order to pull enough wood to cover the wall space in our bakery. Getting there, getting there!


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