Sunday, February 17, 2013

And Equipment

Over the past couple years we have been doing a lot of research. In order to get our loan, we had to compile a list of all equipment we would need to purchase for the bakery. And now, since we have our loan (hooray!), we are going to be pulling the trigger soon on buying some heavy-duty appliances.

Churchich Restaurant Equipment has been highly recommended to us by several restaurant owners in the area and so we started there. We visited a few weeks ago and discussed our needs with Debi Churchich. We gave her our list of needed equipment and a few days later she emailed a very thorough price quote, including all specifications of the equipment. After Trilety and I looked through the list we received from Debi, we decided on some major items such as a 3 basin sink with 2 drainboards, a 20 quart mixer, a 6 quart mixer, a stacked gas convection oven, and a big beautiful maple work table.

We also opted to put this super awesome hand sink in the kitchen. It is controlled with knee pedals instead of with handles. Like sensor activated hands free faucets, pedal sinks help to conserve water. They are also more sanitary.

More to come later. Getting pumped!


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