Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baking & Decorating

We're a few days into the month of December, and this means it's time to bake and decorate for the holidays.  I decorate like I bake; simply and with good taste.  Well, simply at least.  An artificial tree with black limbs and large blue sequin leaves is put up instead of a thirsty cut evergreen, and a nativity scene completes the decorating scheme.  I'm a believer that you don't have to be a believer to enjoy a creatively constructed nativity scene, plus what else am I going to do with the manger that built I in fifth grade?

Each year the manger scene is a little different, and the variations serve as a reminder of the stochasticity of our lives. Here's the 2011 manger scene.

This year, the baby Jesus, or baby purple elephant rather, has two Moms.

But the balance of the characters remains the same, with the three wise men hovering a polite distance from the bathtub cradle, and donkey and horse providing snorts and nays that puncture the quiet like starlight.

Next year, I may follow in the astoundingly imaginative footsteps of Alex Branch, a friend of Richard's, and bake a bread baby for the nativity scene!

Be creative with your decorating and baking! Make cookies that taste of frankincense, knit scarves from hair!  Or, simply slow down, enjoy the season, interact with art, and maybe bake some bread babies!

~ Trilety

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