Monday, November 28, 2011

Cookies for Idris

I've just completed two batches of cookies for a special event. Idris Goodwin is a performing artist living in Iowa City. I first met him at the Om Center where he was performing a year and a half ago. His poetry, set to back beats, is amazing. I know that 'amazing' isn't very descriptive but that's what it is. His themes range from his life growing up to current social issues in the US.

After that initial performance and upon meeting Idris, I revealed to him that Trilety and I were starting up Two Birds Bakery. His excitement for us, two women he had never met before, was unexpected and flattering.

Two Birds Bakery sells exclusively through the Nebraska Food Co-op right now but as a personal gift and with my own resources, I wanted to bake Mr. Goodwin some goodies to satiate his audience during his performance tonight at the House of Loom.

This bird is willing to to a cookie favor here and there for now, especially for an avid cookie fan like Idris. However, I'm looking forward to Two Birds Bakery moving forward. Our dreams of working out of our own kitchen space, as mentioned in the previous 'Dream' post, will allow us to reach the whole community. They ain't tasted nothin' yet!


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