Monday, December 12, 2011

Gatherings Are Great for New Recipes

Trying out new recipes (your own or already existing) is one thing that makes the holidays fun for this bird. Of course we can do this anytime during the year, but this is the time people start gathering and eating and enjoying each other's company. This is that time when our spirits are up and the temperatures are low and there is no better way to satiate these occurrences than with copious amounts of comfort food and confections, warm drinks and libations. 

One recipe that I came across and really just had to try out was Peppermint Merengue Kisses. Oh yes. I did not create this on my own. I found it in a magazine I had purchased but it sounded like a wonderful treat that I could make for my neighbors' party last Saturday; another guinea pig opportunity!

I'm not a huge fan of merengue but of course the photo of the finished product in the magazine I had purchased made the sugary treats look amazing. I fell for it. Also, I have not personally worked with merengue much and thought it might be sort of a pain in the neck. Although I read over the recipe and it seemed simple enough, I remained skeptical. I grew increasingly pleased as I finished each step. What a simple, easy and delicious recipe! Bonus: now I am more confident in my merengue skills.
I looked online and found the same recipe at the magazine website and the link is below. I'll say that it seems like it would be easy to create some great variations on this as well. Also, there is a lot of white sugar in these and if I make them again, I may try cutting the sugar in half or replacing it with a different sweetener such as agave nectar...

Happy holiday baking!!!


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