Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Muffin Re-Named

A couple months ago, I asked if anyone had ideas for Re-Naming Muffin 51.  Here are some of the names that were suggested:
  • Pepper-Berry Super-rise!
  • Pepper Sweeties
  • Pepper Berry Nebula
  • Spicy Berry Oddysey
  • Pepper Dolls
  • Pep-jam!
  • Spicy Sweeties
  • Black Pepper Gems
  • Pepper Jewels 
  • Muffin of Venus
A name needs to fit well.  A name needs to be snug like flesh, sexy like panties, and comfortable like blue jeans.  But none of these names fit our black-pepper-strawberry-jam muffin.  So for two months, our poor little muffin has been without a moniker.  The new name for Muffin 51 became the undiscussed subject.  Meg would settle her big, sleepy eyes on me across the table as we packaged up orders and I'd think, "She wonders why I'm not happy with any of the names that have been suggested.  Maybe she wants us to look in a baby-name book.  Maybe she wants to name it Elaina or Giddeon."  And reading my mind she'd say, in her expanded and relaxed way, "Hey. . . no worries. . . let's not rush it. . . the name will come."  Meg is patient.  I believe patient women have the pleasure of having their knees kissed longer and more often because they aren't busy rushing the lips of the kisser."

So two months had passed when a new comment was posted on the Re-Naming Muffin 51 thread.  Here it is: 

What about something Beatles themed involving Sgt. Pepper and Strawberry Fields?  If you packaged up muffin 51 along with Meg's Bacon/Maple muffin you could call the bundle the "Pig and Pepper" after the chapter in Alice in Wonderland.

My dear genius friend,  Richard Penner, posted this comment.  Per his recommendation, we have re-named the muffin, Sgt. Pepper's Strawberry Fields Muffin.  Richard thinks big, universal rather. . .he's superconsequential and Penneresque, two terms coined by, Regis Lacher, my other dear genius friend.  Being more of a terrestrial, skin picker myself, our muffin is only being re-named  at this point, but selling the Pig and Pepper bundle will likely be in the works.  

Meg and I love the new name.  And since I listened to Helter Skelter over, and over, and over again at the age of 16 (I believed that song sounded the way falling in love would feel) I'm pleased that Richard suggested we name our muffin after a Beatles' song.  

A huge thank you to Richard for naming our sweet and spicy muffin, now we just ask that you all eat it!

~ Trilety

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