Sunday, February 20, 2011

Re-naming Muffin 51

My name is Trilety.  When I was 7, I asked to be called Rachel.  A few people, including my Mom, obliged.  Sometimes we need new names. 

Muffin 51 was named five months ago and the story of the name goes like this. . . . Jason Thomas (Meg's older brother) tasted a bite of the simply described Strawberry Black Pepper muffin.  I'd like to say that he plucked a morsel from the muffin like a nipple from the nipple-berry-bush and savored the sweetness of jam, and heat of pepper, as his face was de-creased by a sensual calm.  But Jason was all business, looking more like a scientist as his acute eyes moved closer to the test-tube furrow in his brow.  While he chewed, Meg and I asked if he had any suggestions for a name.  With crumbs held in one palm, and the balance of the muffin in the other, Jason pulleyed his chin to the ceiling, closed large lids over even larger eyes, and replied "Muffin 51.  It's alien!"  Then his eyelids snapped up and flung open like those old roller shades, and his eyes jutted from his face in a visual exclamation point to the proposed name.  

I love the name Muffin 51.  I think it's clever, witty, and reminds me of Meg's brother.  But, Muffin 51 doesn't provide much, if any, description.  Folks rarely order Muffin 51, and it's been suggested to us that it could be because of the name.

Names are important.  I see myself falling in love with a Rupert before a Mark.  I'd like a dog named Spaghetti before one named Jack.  And Big Toes should never be named Forever or Pomegranate.  But a good muffin name is more critical than a good name for a lover, a dog, or a toe.  A muffin name should be more than clever; it should also be descriptive.  The Muffin Formerly Known as Muffin 51 can be described as follows:  A tasty muffin made with spelt flour and containing no butter and no eggs, is spiced up by a bit of black pepper and studded with walnuts,.   A dollop of strawberry jam is a surprise in the center as well as a delicate feature on the muffin's top. 

We need a new name for the Muffin Formerly Known as Muffin 51.  Please help us choose a new name!  All suggestions are welcome, and for inspiration, see a photo of the muffin below.

 ~ Trilety


  1. Pepper Berry Super-ise.

  2. What about something Beatles themed involving Sgt. Pepper and Strawberry Fields?

    If you packaged up muffin 51 along with Meg's Bacon/Maple muffin you could call the bundle the "Pig and Pepper" after the chapter in Alice in Wonderland.