Monday, February 14, 2011

Peace, Love, UMM... Muffins!

More and more folks are hearing about Two Birds. They are happy to support us (yay!) They are interested in local baked goodies (yay!) But it is only when they finally get a bite of the moist muffin or pop a sweet little cookie into their mouths, that they get it of course. 

The Two Birds donated a few dozen muffins to, and attended, a breakfast event for the United Methodist Ministries (UMM) last week called A Breakfast Awakening. To say just a little bit about UMM, it is a "non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating creative partnerships to eradicate hunger, poverty and racism." You can read more about the work they do at their website: Several presenters spoke to us about the volunteer work that they have done and supported, as well as opening opportunities for plans in the future, which includes youth programs, community gardening, a community thrift shop called The Blue Flamingo, and an active support for fair trade products.

So we are expanding our horizons a bit, as well as supporting local community goodness. Pretty cool! Plus, giving small donations here and there helps us get our name into people's minds and our tasty morsels into their little taste bud memories. Nom Nom Nom!

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  1. As a fan of both baked goods and Methodists, I fully support this! ;)