Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I made a birthday cake for a birthday girl a few days ago. Yes, these birds have been known to make cakes on occasion, though for me, it's really only for friends and only on birthdays. Birthday cakes are one of the funnest things to make, in my opinion; an not just cakes, but very specifically Birthday cakes. What a great gift, right? They are hand made and lots of time and love are put into them. And well, store-bought cakes are lovely too, I say but you're taking your chances on the contents. It really surprised me when I came to learn that it is normal in the industry to use cake mixes. Is that just me, or is that common knowledge?

The Birthday cake I mentioned above was orange flavor with rich chocolate frosting on top. The great thing about cakes, as well as cookies and muffins, is that once you have a great base recipe down, you can modify and experiment with it. You can add a little more spice or some zest or even fruit in some instances. You can put your own spin on it. I find myself getting more and more creative in this way. I cannot recall making the same cake twice. There are so many great combinations, why repeat?!

And so, when considering our cookies and muffins, these Two Birds apply the same creativity, very intentionally. For example, Curry of Kali muffins combine coconut and dates with curry powder, while Early Grey muffins contain whole milk infused with Earl Grey tea. These flavors seem unusual at first perhaps, but then you find them intriguing so you step out and try one, and pretty soon your favorite blueberry muffin seems a bit plain. Super-fun flavor combinations is something that makes Two Birds baked goods unique and is something we are quite proud of. We dream of baking!


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