Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar, Butter, Soft and Chewy

Tender gems indeed they are. Soft, yes. Cakey, yes. Silky, buttery, HECK yes!

Not many things are better than a chocolate chip cookie and a tall glass of cold milk... My mouth is watering... Hang on, I'm going to need a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk before I can finish this entry.

So, big deal. Another chocolate chip cookie touting to be your new favorite and you just need one bite to seal the deal. Well, not really, but there are many things that make Meg's Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies different than the rest, in a good way of course.

1) They are sooooo delicious. (ok, that should be given but I'm just putting it out there)

2) Meg's cookies are made with local eggs. Two Birds Bakery likes to support its community and we don't care much for antibiotics and hormones and other nasty things that many big time producers and corporations like to use. Local is fresher. Local is cleaner. Local is our choice. North Star Neighbors Farm, Carritt Patch and Erstwhile Farm, LLC are a few producers that we get our eggs from. Egg love!

3) Butter! Oh butter, you and I have a long and beautiful relationship. And what's better than butter? Locally-sourced butter of course. Unfortunately we cannot get our hands on this all of the time, but when we can get it, we order lots and use it in all of our "classic" cookie recipes. Clear Creek Organic Farm makes it and it is rich and sunshine yellow and delicious!

So these delicious, dunkariffic, little soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies are not only made locally, but contain locally-sourced goods as well. Yay local cookie love!


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  1. I can personally vouch for the tasty dunkability of these cookies. Your butter looks like a little bar of local gold.