Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hungarian Nut Roll

Have you heard of a Hungarian Nut Roll? Well I hadn't until a couple of years ago when Megan said it may be a good item to sell in the bakery. For two years, based on the name and an incorrect assumption, I thought the nut roll was a sort of refrigerator cookie, and boy was I wrong! The Hungarian Nut roll is a sweet yeast dough that is rolled into a rectangle and spread with a filling of finely chopped walnuts and sugar, or a sweet poppyseed filling, then rolled up, baked, and sliced.

Megan and I have been practicing with her grandmother's secret Hungarian Nut Roll recipe, and in doing research on nut roll recipes I can say that I have yet to come across duplicate recipes so it seems all grandmothers' recipes are indeed secret! Megan's paternal grandmother, Henrietta Thomas, was known to her sons and grandchildren as Butch (I have loved this since hearing it years ago!) It seems Henrietta was strict, but could bake up a delicious Hungarian Nut Roll! 

Megan and I have been playing around with her grandmother's recipe, and it's been such fun experimenting in the kitchen. Do we stay with the same flour amount, or reduce it? Do we dice the apples or grate them? Do we keep the raisins or toss them? Do we add cinnamon or stick to nutmeg? After many attempts, our friends (and Doug's coworkers) are getting happy and fat!

I'm so excited that these two birds will be offering a traditional recipe from Megan's family. Both she and I have written about the connections of food before, the way our memories are coated in scent and taste; and the smell and taste of the Thomas heritage will be a cozy one indeed.

Here are some of our nut roll attempts. . . .

Hungarian Nut Roll slice and ready to be served

Hungarian Nut Roll just out of the oven

Hungarian Nut Roll with the Optional Icing!

Construction continues on the bakery, and we are getting more and more excited every day to start offering our baked goods to our friends, family, and community!

~ Trilety

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