Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Construction Begins

On Monday, March 18th, our general contractor (Kirk Larson of Barry Larson and Son, Inc) started on our renovation project in the old post office on Main Street in Elkhorn. The first day was demolition day. How fun!

Since then, we have had one progress meeting (we will have one of these every two weeks until the end of the project). The progress meetings are attended by Trilety and Barbi and myself, as well as our architect, the general contractor, and any subcontractors involved at that time.

We ran into an issue with the plumbing. It had not been updated to Omaha code since Elkhorn was annexed in 2007. The pipe service was smaller than what is now required (3/4" instead of 1 1/2"). It's not an easy or minor thing to change, and there were no records of its size which is why it was a surprise. So our plumbing will be up to code, which the city really appreciates.

Though it made a lovely office space for Hayes Environmental, it was exciting to see the building in its skeletal state. All existing walls and carpeting and even ceiling had been torn out. Duct work will go into the ceiling, drywall will lay over the new framework, and plumbing fixtures will be installed.

This is estimated to be an 11-week project which will put completion at the beginning of June. At this point there are no major set-backs and we appear to be on schedule. With that said, we understand that set-backs can and often do occur so we'll have to keep you updated on the process.

And of course some photos:


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