Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Logo

We have a slightly altered logo!

Megan first designed our logo a couple of years ago; it's a blend of an image and a wordmark/logotype. The image of the owl and the peacock have not changed, but the font of the text is improved.

We are currently working with someone to develop/design our website (another post will be devoted to that process!). He provided us with a link to over 500 fonts that we could choose from for the headings and content text for our website. After hours of perusing cleverly named fonts, such as "Architect's Daughter," we decided on a couple, but also realized that they clashed a bit with the font of our logo. Can we call Megan's handwriting a font? Sure!

As an aside, the documentary titled Helvetica has some interesting tidbits about font and typeface, but overall it is a surprisingly dull documentary about an intriguing subject.

See below for our original logo:

and now our altered logo!

There may be a bit of tweaking left, but this new flourish of casual font, rather than the blocky font, is what we will use from this point forward. 

Logos, like brands and businesses and people, undergo growth and change. We're not the only ones to change our logo. See this great post/article about the evolution of the Starbucks logo with commentary from one of the logo designers. It seems as the company grew, the siren became more demure.  Maybe in a few years, our birds will finally be wearing underwear!

What's your favorite logo?

~ Trilety

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