Sunday, January 29, 2012

Playing with Floor Plans

Last weekend these birds took a little field trip to Elkhorn, NE. We visited the office space that, with a little love and a lot of work, we will transform into a commercial kitchen (with help). We agreed that it would serve us well to have an idea of the size, layout, and utility placement of the building before calling we began asking contractors to come out and give us estimates.

Elkhorn office layout
I scanned in a floor plan of the existing office that we created (that's the chicken scratches pictured above). We expect that it is somewhat accurate. Trilety took measurements with a yard stick and I transferred them to graph paper. In actuality, we might be an inch or two off here and there, but it helps us to get an idea of what we are working with. This is what we have to play with. It was also really great just to be in the space and feel it out. It got us so excited! "Oh, we can do this here!" and "Oh, I bet we can put that there!", were the types of things we were saying out loud (but more specific). We discussed knocking some walls down and leaving others standing. There seem to be many options, even for a small space. I am curious to see if the contractors that we contact will have their own recommendations (I expect them to actually), and I am curious what those would be.

We plan to start contacting some contractors in the next month or so, and we'll definitely keep you updated on our progress!


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