Monday, January 9, 2012

On The Horizon

Two Birds had a very productive meeting a few days ago. Aside from the always important task of reconciling our checkbook, we have decided to take a few steps towards building our super-sweet kitchen space. I know, I know. Exciting, right?! Well, yes! Planning is usually exciting... at least for these birds. Here's what we have down so far for January and February.

1. Compiling a wish list is a very good idea, which we learned from Mark and Molly, owners of Mark's Restaurant here in Omaha. This seems like such a simple concept... well yeah, it is. But we hadn't really thought about it yet, at least not in much detail. So Trilety and I have begun a list of equipment, appliances, utensils, etc. that we believe will be necessary in our new kitchen. That basically includes everything: mixers, sinks, refrigerator, freezer, pots, pans, bowls, knives and bleach buckets. This may seem tedious by the way I've been writing, but it's actually really fun so far!

2. Measuring the existing space. As Trilety mentioned in an earlier post, we are hoping to convert an existing office space into a commercial kitchen. Measuring the space will be an essential tool for communicating with contractors and planning out the space. Will the building be able to accommodate a kitchen as it is? How much work will go into it? How much time? How much money??

3. Calling the contractors. We have not done this before. Have we mentioned that yet? Hiring contractors is new, especially to do a job like this. We have about 4 or 5 contractors on our list who are local. We basically searched the yellow pages, looked at websites, and made sure each of them was accredited by the Better Business Bureau and had a good rating. That's all we have so far. We'll have to call out each one on our list, have them come out the the existing office space/future kitchen, and hopefully tell us everything we ever wanted or needed to know. Oh! By the way, if you have any words of wisdom to offer in this process, or if you want to recommend a contractor, please feel free!

After we get a few estimates or bids, we can look further into the loan process. We'll keep you updated to our progress/adventures!



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