Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Changes

Mmmmmm. Good weather makes us feel so happy. Fresh air and sunshine, blue skies and no coats. It's a happy 50 degree day. The weather is a sign of spring. With it comes the desire to be in it. Outdoor fairs and concerts, walks in the park, bike trails, laying in the grass, camping, swimming, and also... outdoor markets like the Omaha Farmers Market.

I have to say that even a few months ago I was excited and raring to go on the whole Farmers Market goal. I was ready to hit it! But now? Um... as the time gets close I am unsure; both of us are unsure. What would we be getting out of it? Would it be more effort than reward? Sure, it would be great to slap it on our resume per se, but what else? The more I think about these things the less I am certain that we should do this.

Well, actually at this point we are not unsure, we made a decision to cancel our Farmers Market aspirations this year. That being said, it's not as if we won't move forward. We are still learning the ins and outs. We are getting the hang of baking for customers other than our friends. We learning how to organize and juggle and are figuring out what will be best with both of our schedules. We are remembering that it's okay to take things slow, not rush, not get stressed or in over our heads. These are just a few of our thoughts.

That being said, we're going to focus on finding a commercial kitchen space in which to bake for customers outside of the Nebraska Food Co-op. That seems like a better step overall. An approved kitchen allows us to sell to anyone we please and allows us to follow our own schedule, rather than a pre-planned schedule like the Farmers Market or Co-op. It would also enable us to reach a wider range of people. We could do a lot more marketing.

So I'll put it out there... does anyone know of an approved commercial kitchen space in Omaha that could be rented by the day??

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