Sunday, March 6, 2011

Music to Bake to

While cruising Kanesville Kollectibles with a friend from Seattle, I thumbed a couple David Carroll Orchestra albums called Dance to Stay Young and Music Makes Me Want to Dance!  If music can keep us young and make us want to dance, I figured there is also music that makes me want to bake!

The right choice of music, like the right outfit, is crucial to producing tasty muffins and cookies.  I attended a party a year ago and met a girl who brought bread pudding.  She was dressed like the iconic, cocktail-party-hosting, 1950's housewife; low heels, a swelling skirt, fitted blouse, and hair that appeared to be comprised not of strands but of slick plastic.  As the glide of her arms entered the oven, I asked "Do you also wear those clothes when you bake?"

"Of course," she replied, "what you wear in the kitchen can affect the outcome of your dessert."

I admitted that I usually wore a wife-beater and boy-shorts, and she looked aghast and suggested I try wearing a dress.  (Now that I'm a Bird, I wear appropriate clothing and an apron while baking).

Music is the accessory to the perfect outfit.  It'd be appropriate if I listened to the bands Sugar and Archers of Loaf as I baked, but I haven't really settled into what type of music I listen to while stirring batter and dropping dough.  It must be upbeat.  It must make my hips spin like a whisk.  It must make me smile.  Some days find me baking to Erykah Badu, Etta James, Prince, King Khan & BBQ Show, or Galactic, but since my friend left his newly purchased, used albums here, I will be baking this week to . . . .

Maybe Meg will share her "Best to Bake to Hits," but until then, what do you bake to?

~ Trilety


  1. This makes me sound so dull or uncreative, but I tend to turn on NPR. Maybe my Marketplace Money infused muffins will help folks make wise financial decision...!

  2. I cook and clean to audiobooks or podcasts. If I put on ELO dancing would lead to inefficiency.