Sunday, November 21, 2010


A busy week indeed! Tuesday evening we baked about five dozen muffins to fill our first orders through the Nebraska Food Co-op. Two here and two there. A half dozen here and another half dozen there. It was rather exciting to bake our own products for patrons, as we are quite used to baking for friends and family. And, as is true for all first times, there were unknowns and I was a little nervous. Tee-hee! But in the end, we found that we had prepared well for the launch. And after we had packed up the goods and slapped the freshly-printed labels onto our (recycled and biodegradable) boxes and bags, we sent them on their way, waving proudly as we saw them off to their new homes.

And we are launched! Officially out there in the world. I know that this all might sound melodramatic, but I get to be that way sometimes. Ha! Especially since this baking business has been in the back of my mind for some time now. And this is the right time to do it. This is all so happy and fortunate, and yet at the same time, it is super crazy surreal. Trilety and I keep saying that this all still feels like a big school project because we've been going along, doing research, taking steps; no big deal. And now, six months later, BOOM! Like, what does it feel like to own a business? Is this a business? This is a business! Small business and a huge accomplishment- and I am forever thankful for the foundation of love and support and intention that it's all built on.

Cheers to big, big baby steps!


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