Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here We Are

So life has gotten interesting and quite busy in the past five months, since we made the decision to embark on this journey, the baking project. Sounds epic, right?

I've been working as a baker for almost 5 years now, off and on. I had always had felt drawn to the process and the idea of this profession and I love working with my hands. The idea that I am creating a finished product that people will enjoy makes me happy. It also feeds my hunger for a little nostalgia. I think about my mother and grandmothers in the kitchen with windows open. I think of holidays gone by. Love. Happiness. Sharing. All of that.

I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting my friend and now business partner, Trilety, two years ago. Owning a bakery together was our little pipe dream for awhile. Recently we made the decision to step forward and start this project. We are keeping busy and learning and growing exponentially. It feels wonderful so far and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.


It's fall now, and the slow drop of leaves is a constant reminder of gravity.  It was just this past spring when Meg called and asked if I was interested in pursuing our love of baking, and doing so as partners.  My immediate answer was an excited "yes," and that excitement has remained through today.  Our baking adventure, to date, has been more about learning the ins and outs of business than about the sensory saturation of baking.  Memories are built in the nose and mouth, as much as in the mind.  Baked goods not only bring a linger of ginger or the contradiction of semi-sweet chocolate to your lips, but they also break down the boundaries of time and give you back to your mother's table or your grandmother's front porch.  Let us build you a time machine.

Welcome to our journey!  We encourage you to stop by our blog for weekly updates and posts about our story, our education, our recipes, our menu, and whatever other topics we think will taste as good to your brains as our baked goods do to your mouths.



  1. My brain and mouth both love all things tasty. Exciting happenings afoot!

  2. I am delighted by this development, and so so proud of you guys. Also: muffins! Outstanding!

  3. WOW!!! Awesome job guys. Congrats and the best of luck on your endeavor!!!! :D

  4. YEAH! Rob and I are so pumped about this. I can't wait to try. This is sooooooooawesome!

  5. I didn't know! I'm SOOO excited for you both and can't WAIT to taste! :-)