Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Two Birds Holiday

This is our first holiday season at Two Birds Bakery, and we're excited about decorating our space and offering some delightful holiday treats for all of you!

Here's a quick rundown of our seasonal treats:

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles (vegan)
A rich chocolate and peppermint cookie that's been rolled in vegan powdered sugar - good alone, and even better with cocoa! ($3.50 for six cookies)

Merry Cherry Cookies
This is a cookie that Megan grew up with and loves to this day. The Merry Cherry cookie is a citrusy butter cookie that's been rolled in ground walnuts and topped with a brilliant candied cherry. ($3.50 for six cookies)

Baklava (vegan)
Layers of vegan phyllo dough are filled with almonds and cardamom, and drizzled with an agave syrup. No butter in this baklava! ($1.50 per piece)

Baklava (dairy free but not vegan)
Layers of dairy free phyllo dough are filled with almonds and cardamom, and drizzled with a honey syrup. No butter in this baklava either. . . .we always use olive oil! ($1.75 per piece) 

Pecan Pie (vegan)
Pecan pies aren't just for Thanksgiving, they're for the whole holiday season! We use grade B maple syrup and brown rice syrup, instead of corn syrup, to sweeten this vegan version of a traditional favorite. ($19 per pie)

Holiday Hungarian Nut Roll
We've added plump raisins to the nut roll for the holidays. Buy them by the slice, or purchase a whole roll that's wrapped up like a holiday package in parchment and twine! ($2.85 per slice or $39 for the whole roll)

Coconut Macaroons
Always gluten free and so tasty! You can have them dipped in chocolate too! ($3.50 for six macaroons) 

Think about bringing Two Birds baked goods to your holiday gatherings; we have a little something for everyone! 

We also have some great holiday gift boxes as a way to give locally sourced gifts to the delight of your friends and family!

Visit to India Box ($9.50)
Includes: 12 Midnight in India cookies and 2 Curry of Kali Muffins

Holiday Birdie Box ($19.50)
Includes: 6 Merry Cherry Cookies, 6 Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles, 4 Pieces of Baklava, and 2 slices of Hungarian Nut Roll w/ raisins

Old School Box ($17.00)
Includes: 2 Cinnamon Rolls, 2 Coffee Cake Muffins (vegan), 6 Vegan/Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, and 6 Megan's Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Holidays and hope to see you around the bakery!

~ Trilety

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