Friday, November 2, 2012

Metric of Life

Being approved for a loan requires a solid loan application, detailed business plan, successful financial projections, tax returns, and, as we recently found out, life insurance! Well, it's not required by the bank, but lenders look kindly on being given assurance that they will be paid back even if the lendee expires before the loan does.

Adam Musfeldt, a friend of Megan's from high school, helped us through the process of securing life insurance. Beyond paperwork and choosing the right policy, a physical exam and blood work was required for the policies to be issued.

Megan and I took the physical together, so now there are no secrets between these two birds! Though, we did use separate bathrooms to produce our urine samples.

The exam included a lengthy questionnaire about our health histories, as well as health metrics and blood work.

Megan and I sat side by side as we were mosquitoed by a skilled phlebotomist. My veins are hard to find, and Megan's easily collapse; they give up giving blood. Basically, these two birds are difficult blood draws!

Here's a peek into our metrics:

Megan is 5' 7" in height.

I am 5' 2" in height. (We're making sure to have a step stool in the bakery for the days that Megan and I work different hours)

Megan is a slim 140 pounds. (clothes on)

I'm a healthy 129 pounds. (clothes on)

Now for blood pressure.

Our blood pressure was measured three times in a row. Being curious about data, I decided to meditate during my last reading, and it was measured as lower than the first two. Anecdotal, but interesting nonetheless. While my readings weren't high, you'll see that Megan's blood is not a harbor of stress, rather it's pumped like slow, tranquil waves.

Megan's blood pressure readings were: 85/56, 90/56, 86/6

My blood pressure readings were: 100/66, 102/64, 92/66

We were granted life insurance! Now we're just waiting to hear back from the bank. . . but that's content for another post.

~ Trilety

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