Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stories for Children

I used to write stories for children.  While they were not published, I did receive a few ceremonial rejection letters in 1997.

Two of my favorite stories were Persnickety Fickety Foo Jones - The Man Who Couldn't Stop Singing and Dancing and The Booger Who Lived on My Leg.  

Persnickety Fickety Foo Jones was a gangly guy who went to the cobbler and the baker for help with his ailment that presented itself in constant dance and perpetual song.  The cobbler built him shoes of concrete and stubbornness, and the baker built a cake of peanut butter and bubblegum, both in an attempt to keep Persnickety's feet stuck and lips shut. 

The "Booger" story was a tale of independence when Sammy the Booger, who was wiped on the leg of the girl who pulled him from her nose, didn't want to leave the luxury of flesh as all the boogers before him had done.  And why would he? Sammy enjoyed attending school, playing with the dog, and taking baths.  Soon, though, he packed a bag of snacks and hopped from a knee to descend into a life full of new friends, of the Booger sort, and new adventures.  

Books for kids need, or at least benefit from, illustrations.  Meg was asked by the President of the Nebraska Food Co-operative's Board of Directors to draw up a couple of illustrations for a marketing brochure that will be targeted to families.  And once I saw the contour drawings (below) I thought to myself that maybe along with baking, Meg and I should dive into the book industry, or at least the coloring book world! 

So, what baking related stories for children would you most like to read? I'm sure Meg can manage to provide a visual narrative that will make kids high on hunger.  Here are some initial possibilities:

The Half Baked Muffin - A story about why if you don't get enough sleep, then your brain will be soft and no one will want to eat you.

The Muffin in Pleats - A story of two muffins; the girl who is praised for the pleats in her skirt, and the boy who bucks fashion trends by wearing pleats in his pants. (See, a lot of muffin liners are pleated!)

The Muffin with One Too Many Chips (or Berries, or Nuts) - A story of deformities, or a story about what to do when you have too much, or too many people, on your plate.

The Cookie Who Refused to Crumble - A story of learning that admitting your mistakes will make you an easier to digest person.  

What stories do you think we should write?

~ Trilety

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  1. The Muffin in Pleats could also have a boy that wears a kilt!

    I would definitely buy any Two Birds kids book for the youngsters in my life.